HUBBARD COUNTY GOP: Republicans are focused

This monthly column was written by the Hubbard County GOP.


We Republicans are focused on improving lives and preserving liberty. Without liberty to prevent the powerful taking over, the elite will tyrannize “We the People.”

We work hard to protect the rights and freedoms that those before us have given life and limb to preserve for posterity.

We are not OK with citizens who think that improving life means telling others what they have to do with their own health and the education of their children. Improving lives means protecting democracy and freedom by protecting citizens from government overreach. The government was created to protect our rights as a citizen from being infringed upon by others and by the government.

Government was not created to provide people with health care, housing, jobs, etc. That is the job of a free market economy, (in which, by the way, there is no room for special tax exemptions for a company like Disney. The same fair tax laws should apply for all companies and people in America.)

Do Republicans believe that people should have access to health care, housing and jobs? Absolutely! And a strong economy is what provides these things. Price ceilings, business restrictions in the name of questionable climate change are not in the interest of a strong economy and are directly opposed to improving lives for average Americans (as is evidenced in places like California that has prioritized climate laws and handouts over the health of their economy and its hard-working citizens.)


Republicans are focused on finding facts and holding criminals and criminal corporations accountable, including companies who censor free speech and religion in direct opposition to the law, and politicians who are “bought” by big pharma.

Republicans are focused on following the laws on immigration that we already have so that every hard-working immigrant who wants a better life can be here legally. Opening borders and letting everyone in is against our country’s laws and is not ensuring safety in this country.

To have safe communities we need to have laws and enforce laws that are in place to ensure Americans can access what they need to pursue their happiness and the happiness of their children.

Democrats seem to be focused on causing economic hardship and abolishing law and order by letting criminals go free who committed voter fraud or looting and arson. We fail to see how a country with voter fraud and violent crime that goes unpunished improves lives for Americans. Republicans are focused on improving peoples’ lives. We want you to join us in that mission. Vote red in 2022.

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