We’re thankful for you, our cherished readers

Most of all, we want to thank you for caring about your community, your neighbors, your taxes, your schools, your cultural arts, your nonprofits and your businesses.

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Park Rapids Enterprise readers rock!

Most of all, we want to thank you for caring about your community, your neighbors, your taxes, your schools, your cultural arts, your nonprofits and your businesses.

According to Google Analytics, from Nov. 16, 2021 through Nov. 16, 2022, the Enterprise had 2,534,782 page views and 829,795 users.

Whether you are a digital, epaper or print reader, you are supporting quality, local journalism, which we strive to provide each and every day.

We try to stay grounded with what is going on here in our own community – and even though "the media" is continually painted with a broad brush and villainized – you clearly understand that Park Rapids Enterprise staff is local and we are still doing our best to serve the Heartland Lakes Area.


Our reporters, sales reps and office staff are invested in the same decisions that local governments make because they affect us and you.

We pay the same local taxes. We send our children to the same schools. We shop in the same towns.

We never get to hide behind anonymity. Our work is on display each and every day, and then when we’re done for the day, we go live among the people whom we write about, whom we sell advertising solutions to and whom we do business with.

If readers were to become apathetic or uncaring, then community journalism would neither have an audience nor a purpose.

But you have proven that you desired to know about local candidates on the Nov. 2022 ballot before you voted. You want to cheer on local sporting teams. You are interested in this region’s talented artists, entrepreneurs, workers, organizers and volunteers. You are willing to listen to other people’s opinions that may differ from your own. You are concerned about lake water quality and love outdoor recreation. You are following the financial health of our county-owned nursing home facility or the construction of our new high school.

And your financial subscription support is the foundation of our business. Newspapers, remember, are a business. We’re not tax supported. Like any business, we have a bottom line to meet.

For all of the above, we say thank you. We are grateful for our readers who invest their hard-earned money to support our local journalism and local business advertisers.

Your support helps us adapt to meet the demands of an ever-evolving world.


There are detractors who claim “nobody reads newspapers anymore.” That has never been true and, given online access to daily newspaper content, is even less so today. People are reading newspapers; it’s just in a different way than historically.

The majority of our readers still read the printed newspaper, but we are experiencing an increased audience online – through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, e-paper and our website at Daily journalism is firmly in the digital world, accessed mostly on computers, tablets and phones.

So thank you for your loyal readership. Thanks for supporting community journalism.

We are humbled and heartened.

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Shannon Geisen is editor of the Park Rapids Enterprise.
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