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There's no place like the dome for sports magic

Relax, it's not tinnitus. That distant ringing in your ears is the sound of 58,000 voices still echoing off the walls of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis.

It was a wild couple of days in the Metrodome, starting with a Monday Night Football game that actually lived up to the hype - longtime Packer quarterback Brett Favre led his adopted Vikings to a rollicking victory over Green Bay.

Favre played like somebody died and left him a fresh, young arm - his passes were hard and to the point.

The win over the Packers in front of a national audience put Favre in the record books as the only quarterback to win against every team in the NFL.

And it leaves the Vikings sitting on a very nice 4-0 start to the season.

But it was the Minnesota Twins who really got the Metrodome rocking Tuesday.

They clinched an amazing comeback season by beating Detroit 6-5 to take the AL Central tiebreaker game and win their division.

It took 12 innings - and a great performance by just about every pitcher in their bullpen - to do it.

The Twins pulled off perhaps the greatest comeback in baseball history - winning their division even though they were down three games with only four games left to play.

The Twins went 17-4 to pull even on the final weekend, then emerged with their fifth division title in eight years.

This is the Twins' last season in the 28-year-old Metrodome - that ocean of blue seats towering over an artificial green field, beneath the permanent off-white sky of the dome.

The often-dissed dome, with its baseball-colored roof, is one of the most difficult places for visiting teams to play.

And when 60,000 voices echo off the fabric, it gives a whole new meaning to home field advantage.

Next year, the Twins will play in a beautiful new outdoor stadium.

But this year, the dome isn't ready to let them go.

We know the odds are stacked high against them, but we're hoping for one more shot of that dome magic that twice helped them win the World Series.

Now click your heels together and repeat three times:

"There's no place like dome, there's no place like..."