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Enterprise Editorial: We're thankful for you, dear reader

You're the best, you know that? Throughout this crazy, politically charged year, you are still reading your local newspaper. Even if you're reading this on social media, it's still us — you're still reading the paper, and we love you for it.

We, at this newspaper, have no political agenda and no interest in getting down into the muck with regards to what is left, what is right and what is happening on the national stage. We care about what's happening on our local stage. We try to stay grounded with what is going on here in our own community, and even though "the media" has been continually painted with one, broad brush and villainized this year, you clearly understand that we are local and still doing our best to serve this town.

We know you understand this because our newspaper readership is growing, and our impact remains strong. It is so good to see that most people in our community do not fall for the divisive rhetoric coming from national media outlets. We aren't perfect here in this neck of the woods, but we're better than that.

We can't possibly know all of you personally, but boy, we know a lot of you, and we're always looking to know more. We love having the job of covering local events, whether it be sports or local government or entertainment or one-on-one human interest stories. We love being on the ground with you, dear reader. You give us so many interesting stories to tell...stories that will go down in our archive to be kept as history for future generations living in this community.

We're so thankful for you and how you've stood beside us, nudging us when you think we've missed the mark, applauding us when you're impressed and more often than not, just simply reading us in silence...taking it in and keeping informed on the news happening here. You matter to us — you're why we do this every single day. So to you we say "thank you," and we hope you have a heartwarming, belly-bursting Christmas full of love and laughter. You deserve it.