COMMENTARY: Hubbard SWCD marks 50 years of service

County water management and conservation agency recognized for 50 years in operation.

Ryan Hughes with Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, second from right, presents a 50-year plaque to Julie Kingsley, district manager of the Hubbard SWCD. Three of the five SWCD Supervisors were also present, including Don Sells with District 4, at left, Bob Iles with District 3 at the far right, and Lynn Goodrich with District 5, not pictured. (Submitted photo)

The Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) was recognized Sept. 13 at the North Central Area 8 fall meeting, at Itasca State Park, for “50 years of bringing water management and conservation to the people and lands of Hubbard County.”

The award was presented by Ryan Hughes with the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources to Julie Kingsley, district manager of Hubbard County SWCD

SWCD District 2 Supervisor Marcel Noyes said, “The Hubbard SWCD has been and continues to be proud to serve our constituents across all Hubbard County townships. We have assisted landowners by working closely with them – from leveraging forest stewardship programs to protecting lakeshores, from inland erosion and stormwater drainage issues to ordering and planting trees.”

He continued, “Our resources, supervisors and office staff, along with Hubbard County commissioners, have been heavily engaged in providing leadership for the development and implementation of the major watershed initiatives that impact Hubbard County, most recently being on the policy and advisory committee teams for the Leech Lake River Comprehensive Watershed Implementation Plan and the Mississippi Headwaters One Watershed One Plan.

“Our SWCD’s engagement in these initiatives enables people of Hubbard County to be heard on what is most important to them in protecting our environment and helps to ensure funding is being made available for prioritized, targeted and measurable projects within these watersheds.”


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