COMMENTARY: Democrats have little regard for life

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State Rep. Steve Green

A bill to allow assisted suicide is on the agenda for an informational hearing the House Health and Human Services Policy Committee has scheduled Sept. 11 in St. Paul.

The bill up for discussion is H.F. 2152 and it has around 20 Democrat authors/co-authors. It is hard to believe so many people can have so little regard for life. It seems as though the Democrats are just as zealous to end the lives of our senior citizens as they are those of innocent children.

For some years now, Democrats have been trying to bring this kind of bill through the Legislature. There has not been enough support for it from either the Legislature or the public.

Holding the hearing in September will not allow for a vote to move the bill; however, it will satisfy the requirement for a public hearing.

You will surely hear of the open and transparent policy used to move the bill. The opposite will be true. It will be hard to get the public to the hearing in September. Very few people are closely monitoring legislative activity when we are not in session.


The bill will be able to be moved through quickly and little chance for Minnesotans to express concern. The same is true for the upcoming mini-session scheduled for Oct. 2-4…way down in Winona, of all places.

I hope Minnesota is paying attention. I have found that many people like being legislators, but it’s a short step from there to being a peddler of government control. This is a dangerous path to travel.

I encourage everyone concerned about this hearing regarding assisted suicide to call and request to testify in St. Paul on Sept. 11. Committee Chair Rena Moran’s office number is 651- 296-5158.

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