Commentary: COLA, variance board are hypocrites

So, who died and made COLA cult leaders Dan Kittleson and Chuck Diessner, and their cultic followers' rulers of the Hubbard County Variance Board? Or who gave the misguided Variance Board and Environmental Services Office the idea that they have ...

So, who died and made COLA cult leaders Dan Kittleson and Chuck Diessner, and their cultic followers' rulers of the Hubbard County Variance Board? Or who gave the misguided Variance Board and Environmental Services Office the idea that they have more rights and power over a persons' property than the owner, yet with no accountability for their legal signatures?

You COLA people have gone way too far in your actions and your attitudes toward property owners, and you Board members need to stop melting into their political agenda. It is obvious by every article in the paper and your appearances at meetings that you (COLA) have one agenda ... intimidation! "Deny everyone what they want, we know better and will push what we want at any cost." COLA actions have nothing to do with lake ordinances and everything to do with their assumed power.

Obviously you are radical environmental freaks and power hungry wannabes with a clearly socialist agenda to control everyone. Lake ordinances are put in place to prevent pollution, not eliminate property rights and persecute owners. If you knew anything about current construction methods or drainage applications maybe you would allow the board to do its job and look for solutions and not condemnations. But obviously positive resolution is not your intent as your constant wagging heads and disgruntled actions indicate.  What do you want? It's obvious, though you would deny it to push your political power agenda to control everyone. All we residents have to do is listen to your words which spew elitism as if you think that the lakes are yours and you can regulate anything and everything that happens around them. It is even more clear as we take a look at your own properties "on the lake" and notice that you have everything you want on your properties; and by the looks of it I am guessing that you also have a great number of variances to go along with your lake castles and fancy shorelines?

Too bad someone didn't stand up against your requests too. Maybe someday a good reporter will put pictures of your properties in the paper and expose you for who you are...hypocrites! Frankly, I and most people I talk with are sick of your activities and your arrogant attitudes perpetrated toward good citizens of our county. You are clearly a thorn in the flesh as you treat people with disrespect as if they were criminals, instead of being a support to property owners. We also don't care about your opinion or your fee proposals, or your additional costly inspection controls either which would add more bureaucrats to the payrolls; we care about respecting property rights and justice, and each person's right to pursue their dreams as they see fit, not how you see fit. Every lake association in the area needs to restore some sense of peace, and should kick you out and start over with a legitimate organized head that is in place to "support" property owners and what they want to accomplish, and not chastise them or seek to control their every move if you don't like it.

If members don't speak up, they will soon be the victims of their own lawsuits and rejections, as some already are. The people COLA are targeting are your neighbors; are you next? Your lake associations have thrown your rights and respectability to the wind by following COLA in their power-push the last few years. And what is the Variance Board for? After the recent declaration against the Hagert's and the arrogant charade atmosphere in the meeting room, it is clear that you are now buddy-buddy with COLA and can't even make a clear and wise decision to help a property owner that has the full support of their "real" neighbors, instead of listening to a cranky bunch of culty COLA lobbyists. Have the owners done something wrong? Then help them right it instead of making some stupid sarcastic remark about tearing things down because of a couple of feet on some map. Positive solutions are answers, governmental destruction is tyranny!


We can see where COLA stands; don't follow their lead; you be the leaders in finding positive solutions! I am sick of reading about the dissidence and sarcastic games you people are playing with people's lives. When are you going to quit fighting property owners and with some common sense start respecting people again, and helping them to accomplish their dreams on "their" property? Probably when you stop listening to COLA rhetoric and resist their endless pursuit of power over their neighbors.

It is also sad to say that it appears as if the county board members have also been sucked into this. By the way, how much money and wasted time have recent COLA lawsuits cost the county and its citizens? $300k? $500k? I would like to hear our attorney Mr. Dearstyne weigh in on the frivolous waste of money these people have cost the county and his department (and other parties), which is no small sum he would have liked to use elsewhere I'm sure.

If you as a board cannot settle simple issues out of court, and if you think it is ok to waste our tax dollars this way,  you don't belong in the position ... resign! If you lake associations can't see through the COLA leaderships political action efforts to drain your pockets through lawsuits and control your properties, then you deserve to lose every cent you're wasting on them. Wake up, all of you!

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