Hubbard County Republicans: Set aside differences to save the nation

Editor’s note: Both the Hubbard County DFL and Hubbard County Republicans are invited to write columns for the Enterprise’s Opinion page.


There was a time in this country when many leaders with very different views and opinions on how to run a country came together and despite their differences managed to collaborate and compromise in a way that allowed them to write the oldest and the shortest Constitution in the world.

They disagreed on representation. They disagreed on slavery. They disagreed on a Bill of Rights, and yet, in 100 days they managed to frame a document that was their attempt at setting up a governing document that would not allow government to become tyrannical, as the British had become for the colonies.

To write the Constitution, they studied the mistakes that other governments had made, which had led to ruin. From history, they knew that people with power always ended up taking advantage of their positions unless restricted by laws and division of powers.

The original intent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is to protect the people of the U.S. from a government that overreaches their executive powers and makes laws that infringe on citizens' life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The Founding Fathers knew they still had to work on slavery and other items when they wrote the Constitution. They knew it wasn't perfect, but it did several important things: It protected the people from government overreach, it allowed for representation of the people and it set up many checks and balances.


Do you think today's government's overreach into people's freedoms with mandates and gun rights restrictions is for the common good?

If you think that, maybe you should go back and study history! Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis in the 1928 case Olmstead vs. U.S. wrote, “Experience should teach us to be most on guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

Power and money corrupts. If you are tired of corruption and division, let me encourage you to stop listening to the media who seeks to divide us.

Instead set aside your perceived contempt of the “other side.” Let's find what makes us uniquely American and set aside those differences for now, so together we can save this nation. Divided, we all lose.

Does forcing half this nation of people to do things against their conscience make for a safer, healthier nation? Does silencing those you disagree with make for a more just nation? Does blindly following the executive orders of the government solve everything and make this nation better? Where is our representation on immigration issues? Where is our representation on election issues? Where is our representation on health issues?

A nation cannot stay united when its representatives are kept out of the process by using executive orders and through rule-making decisions. We need to become true Americans again and unite against our common enemies: Big tech censorship, big pharma greed, media divisiveness as well as executive overreach. Say “no” to censorship, greed and media falsehoods, and let's stand together and speak up as Americans for freedom, opportunity and integrity!

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