ASK THE SHERIFF: Amid protests, don't judge all officers

Law enforcement is an increasingly rare calling. Those in the profession need to be held accountable but also deserve support.

Hubbard County Sheriff Cory Aukes

Question: With the turmoil occurring in Minneapolis, how does local law enforcement deal with the criticism and the protests shown by certain members of the public?

Answer: We have been very fortunate in Hubbard County on this subject. I think most people realize that blaming or being critical of their local law enforcement for the actions of officers in another department is just plain wrong.

Unfortunately, what happened in Minneapolis tarnishes every badge across the country. It sheds poor light on our profession.

But again, the wrongdoings of a few isn’t a true reflection on the rest of us.


Those that want to blame and hate all law enforcement because of what the officers in Minneapolis did, probably didn’t support law enforcement in the first place.

Your Hubbard County deputy sheriffs and local police officers work hard every day in a profession that fewer and fewer want to get into. They signed up for a profession that others simply don’t want to do.

They get other people’s blood on them. They get spit on. They get second-guessed and yelled at. They are in a profession that requires them to carry weapons and to use force, if necessary.

All of that, not to selfishly help themselves, but to help others. They are there for the victims of car accidents, for those having a medical emergency, to help those victims of assaults and burglaries, for those feeling suicidal and for those who just need someone to talk to.

I have so much respect for my fellow officers and the service they provide. When mistakes are made, I hold them accountable. And they know that.

When mistakes are made by other officers in other departments, I will continue to support mine and I hope you will do the same.

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