All commercial garbage trucks that haul waste from your curb, driveway or dumpster from your business into the Hubbard County transfer stations are required to sort their loads between burnable and non-burnable municipal solid waste (MSW).

With that being said, it is very important to only place burnable garbage into your garbage dumpster or cart.

This requirement is needed to ensure clean loads are sent to the Polk County incinerator, where our burnable MSW is transported to. Non-burnable MSW (bypass) is transported to the Polk County landfill.

As a business or resident of Hubbard County, it is your responsibility to only place acceptable, burnable MSW into your garbage cart or dumpster that is picked up by the waste hauler.

If the guidelines and procedures are not followed, Hubbard County Solid Waste recommends that the garbage hauler not pick up the dumpster or garbage cart and advise the owner that unacceptable items will need to be removed and hauled in separately to the transfer stations.

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It is important that residents and businesses do a good job of sorting loads to limit contamination. Common types of contamination include furniture, such as mattresses and chairs, and demolition material, such as lumber, saw dust, PVC piping and green-treated lumber. These items cannot be put into the dumpster collected by your garbage hauler, and must be brought to the transfer station building separately.

A helpful way to think about what is acceptable to go in a garbage dumpster or cart is that it should only be things that you would typically throw in a garbage can inside your house.

Bypass materials go inside the transfer station building or in the yellow bins, if you are using the transfer station express lane dumpsters.

Also remember that when you arrive at the transfer station with construction and demolition (C&D) material, you must report to the office to have your load inspected prior to going to the demolition landfill area, including the clean shingle area and clean concrete area. This will go a long way in ensuring that materials being brought into the C&D landfill are acceptable and free of contamination and other waste.

No furniture or green-treated wood is allowed in the demolition landfill and this material needs to go inside the transfer station building.

If you have any items that are still in good condition and salvageable, you can bring these materials to the reuse area up in front of the transfer station. This way other people have the opportunity to reuse the materials.

By following the rules and guidelines in place, it can help to keep our operating costs low and will ultimately benefit the taxpayers of Hubbard County.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Hubbard County Solid Waste at 732-9568 or email You can also view our website at for helpful information and disposal guides.