Question: With all the different bodies of water in Hubbard County, how does one get the Sheriff’s Office to place a “no wake” sign in front of their particular shoreline?

Answer: Your Sheriff’s Office will not place these “Slow No Wake” signs in the water for individuals simply requesting them. Although watercraft speeds can be high in certain areas, we just can’t take this step for personal requests.

We will certainly have someone look at the location and see if it meets our criteria, in which we feel that there is a need for “no wake” traffic in that area.

A narrow body of water, such as a river or channel, is certainly a factor that we would need in order to be able to justify slowing watercraft down to a no wake speed.

Other factors we consider are whether or not there are obvious signs of shoreline erosion and the amount of boat traffic for that area. High traffic areas are more likely to get the signage than places that see very few boats.

We do get a handful of requests for additional signs, but over the years we have established where there is a need for these signs, so they end up being familiar objects in the water year after year.