Question: Can anything be done about my neighbor’s dog that harasses people when they walk down the road?

Answer: The Hubbard County animal ordinance was created for issues like this. Because nobody should be harassed or feel threatened when they walk or bike on a public road, your sheriff’s office would be glad to take care of situations such as this. It’s our job.

The animal ordinance’s purpose is to not only help correct the animal’s behavior, but also to get irresponsible animal owners in compliance.

We understand that dogs in rural Hubbard County are not always kenneled or tied up. And they don’t have to be. If those dogs simply enter onto the neighbor’s property, there is no violation. But if that dog causes some type of nuisance, we would have a violation and its owner could be held accountable.

Nobody is discouraging people from owning animals. But we do ask that you be a responsible animal owner and that you don’t allow your animal to be someone else’s problem.

When you allow an animal to leave your property, you are taking a risk as far as liability goes. That horse or cow that gets hit on the road brings liability back to its owner. The dog that goes out onto a public roadway and bites the neighbor kid as she rides by on her bike brings liability.

Your sheriff’s office enforces our county ordinance to the extent that we have issued citations and we have also seized animals.

There are only so many times when your pig can crawl into your neighbor’s swimming pool, or your pit bull can rush onto the school bus, or your horses can go without being fed. All of these are examples of when we stepped in and took possession of animals from irresponsible owners.