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HUBBARD COUNTY DFL: A government of, for and by the people is best

Regardless of which side of the political spectrum is most comfortable for you, there are some points most of us can agree upon:

• Justice, safety, regulation of commerce and maintenance of national infrastructure are important roles of a strong federal government.

• Politicians have become increasingly partisan.

• Our country has observed a dramatic increase in violence, including mass public shootings.

• The basic dignity, professional conduct and leadership skills that we had previously expected from our elected officials no longer characterizes these positions of power.

• Our planet is suffering from unsustainable degradation of natural resources.

Both parties would benefit from working more closely together to pass legislation that helps us all.

Unfortunately, having an election system that requires high-cost advertising and lobbying prevents many of our best and brightest from running for office. It also allows for a handful of extremely wealthy individuals to gain power.

At this time, the top 1 percent of people control more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. Gross inequality of wealth is not good for our long-term economy. Changes in campaign laws are imperative if we would like to enjoy true democracy.

Democrats also believe:

• Every American should have an equal voice in the Democratic process, regardless of income, race, gender or creed.

• Life is a sanctified gift to be protected. We have a responsibility to support and defend all human beings, including children, veterans, the disabled, mentally ill and the elderly.

• Reproductive rights of women should be supported, understanding that this difficult choice is not simply about moral agreement, but also about quality of life.

• Government should protect the rights of free speech, religion and assembly.

• Individuals who are proven to be mentally competent and have no violent criminal record should have the right to possess appropriate firearms. Society has a right to feel safe from having assault weapons in the hands of violent, unstable people.

• All Americans need and expect national defense, utilities, roads, schools, public safety, handicapped and elderly services, parks and natural resources, and other provisions. Taxes on income are the least regressive and most fair option, compared to property and sales tax.

• There is an enormous human and natural resource cost to climate change, pollution and unregulated use of public lands and waters. We have a responsibility to protect these resources, our health and property for future generations.

• American children deserve to have equal access to quality, affordable childcare and education. Good schools, universities and childcare should not be limited only to those who can afford it.

• Responsible immigration policies should not be based on fear, bigotry or distrust, but rather on a comprehensive evaluation of global and societal best interests.

• Health care is a right, not a privilege. Democrats believe that all Americans should have access to basic health care, regardless of economic status.

If you are concerned about the future for your children and grandchildren, learn all you can about your local, state and federal level candidates. Look at the Hubbard County DFL website: hubbard, visit our Facebook page or come to one of our meetings on the second Monday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Park Rapids Library. Your voice counts! Gather your friends and families and vote DFL on Nov. 6, 2018!