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COMMENTARY: Lions supporting hurricane victims, orphanage, more

At a Sept. 25 meeting, the Park Rapids Lions Club volunteers were thanked for their work at the Kinship spaghetti feed and Headwaters 100 feed station. More than 300 people were served at the spaghetti feed, and the bikers enjoyed the peanut butter sandwiches. Good job, volunteers!

The board of directors assigned members to work as chairs of club projects and fundraisers, and members volunteered for some of the projects.

The health fair at St. Peter's Catholic Church's fellowship hall was held Sept. 25. The Lions Club screened for glaucoma and macular degeneration and had a vision assist machine available for demonstration.

North Country Charities asked for support for their project with a hospital/orphanage in Poland. The hospital needed updated equipment, and when the children in the hospital reach ages 14 to 16, they must find another place to live. The charity is renovating a building next to the hospital where the teenagers can reside and be given basic skills for living on their own. The government offers no assistance, and children have no one to help them with any training. The Park Rapids Lions Club agreed to assist with a donation.

The Lions Club International Foundation asked all the clubs for contributions for the victims of Hurricane Florence. The Park Rapids Lions Club made a contribution in the names of Edric and Oscar Clarke, our cherished members.

The Sept. 25 meeting program was presented by Laurie Conzemius, and is important to all the senior members of our society. Scamming is a $50 billion dollar per year crime and has the senior citizens as targets. Your best advice is to hang up every time you get a call from anyone you don't know or recognize. Never say "yes" to anyone on the phone and never give out any personal information over the phone. Remember to hang-up.

The Park Rapids Area Community Band will entertain at our Oct. 9 meeting in the CHI St. Joseph's Health meeting room. Please join us.