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Productive gab

Thumbs up: The Enterprise editorial staff appreciate the boards and councils (you know who you are) who keep discussion brief and move business along, rather than getting bogged down in aimless and unproductive debate. We have actually seen one board use a wind-up kitchen timer to ensure that comments at a public hearing were limited to two or three minutes. Combine this with a sign-in sheet, inviting participants to speak one at a time in the order they sign in, and it's the kind of high-tech solution we applaud.

Honest people

Thumbs up: While listening to the police scanner recently, a bus driver radioed that a student had turned in an iPhone that was found on the bus. Thanks to that honest student, the iPhone was returned to its owner who, one imagines, felt very happy. People who choose to do the honest thing may not be recognized very often, but their actions help make this community a better place to live.

Going nowhere

Thumbs up: Now that the snow has melted off both sides of Highway 34, sidewalks are revealed. What joy! Last Sunday was a beautiful day to walk the length of Park Rapids, going nowhere in particular. The exercise, fresh air and sunshine were badly needed after months cooped up indoors. Judging by the number of people out walking and cycling, many residents felt the same way. A safe route from one city limit to the other — linking anywhere to practically everywhere, or perhaps nowhere special — is a precious thing that we should never take for granted.

False service animals

Thumbs down: A Park Rapids resident sends a "thumbs up" for true service animals, but a "thumbs down" for those who try to pass off an untrained animal as one. "I don't want a dog in my grocery cart," she said, remarking things are "getting out of hand" given that a woman tried to bring a peacock onto a plane claiming it was emotional support.

Cluster mailboxes

Thumbs down: A Park Rapids resident notes that cluster mailboxes are problematic for the elderly. If you have arthritic hands, they are difficult to unlock. If there are dementia/memory issues, the elderly can't possibly go two blocks from their home to get their mail. During the winter, the roads are icy and one could fall. "Whatever happened to mailboxes by the house or at least at the end of your driveway?" she wonders.

Too many car insurance delays

Thumbs down: On March 28, a Park Rapids Army vet was in a car accident at the corner of Highway 34 and Henrietta Ave. No one was seriously hurt, but he's been waiting three weeks for the other insurance company, USAA, to repair his car. After repeated calls, he's been given three different excuses. "I'm still waiting," he says.

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