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Hubbard County Republicans: Time to step up and join grassroots political process

Feb. 6 is the beginning of the 2018 political season.

I encourage everyone to take the time to attend your local precinct caucus starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Our precinct caucuses are the grassroots level of the political process in Minnesota. Caucuses are where local voters start to formulate their party's platform. This is where delegates and alternates are selected to their party conventions. Straw poll votes for the governor will also be conducted at the GOP caucuses, and it is a place that candidates seeking other elected offices can provide their campaign material and introductory information.

If you are unsure which party best represents your personal values and political desires, you can review each party's platform online. The party platform is the guide used to help the party and its members select representatives and it is the roadmap of principles to guide those officials. You can view the national GOP and DFL platforms at the following web addresses: or

After reading each platform and deciding which party represents your personal values, you can then take the next step and attend your party caucus. I want to personally invite those whose personal values and political principals align with the Republican Party to join us Feb. 6 at our local Hubbard County GOP caucus. Local caucus locations will be publicized in this paper or can be found at

One of the Republican's greatest strengths is our rugged individualism. However, we also must come together to advance our principals.

Participation in our local caucus is where we begin the process of coming together and working as a party to advance our common conservative principles. At the caucus, we have an opportunity to learn about each of the candidates who will be running for office. We also can step up to volunteer our time and talents through our local GOP Basic Political Operating Unit (BPOU).

In the past, I was like most. I simply paid attention to the issues and made sure to vote. Two years ago, I decided it wasn't enough to just vote. I needed to do more. So, I stepped up and did my part by becoming actively engaged in the process. Now, I am hoping you will, too.

The Hubbard County Republicans meet the second Monday of the month at Northwoods Bank Community Room at 7 p.m. You are welcome to attend. Additional information can be found at