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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

How can you help, and how do we reduce and eliminate child abuse?

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Child abuse is not a topic that is pleasant to talk about, but sadly the existence of child abuse is a reality.

Child abuse exists in many forms, including, but not limited to physical, sexual, verbal abuse and neglect.

No parent ever sets out to be abusive to their child, but instead desires to be a healthy and nurturing parent.

Among the primary stress factors that tend to contribute to child abuse are parental chemical dependency addiction, untreated mental health issues, severe poverty, generational trauma and domestic abuse.

How can you help, and how do we reduce and eliminate child abuse? The first thing is that we can all support parents with resources to aid in reducing the above stress factors on parents. Locally, we have many wonderful agencies and organizations that support healthy parenting and families. Please consider supporting these great organizations with your dollars and with your volunteer time. Just a few of these great organizations are Kinship, the FATHER Project, the food shelf, Support Within Reach, the Pregnancy Resource Center, and our public schools.


What should you do if you ever have the unfortunate experience of suspecting that a child is possibly suffering abuse at the hands of a caregiver? Although it is often awkward, and often comes with mixed feelings, one should always error on the side of caution, and should report any child abuse suspicions or concerns.

The primary agency assigned to review and investigate child abuse concerns is your county’s social services office. In Hubbard County, the phone number is 218-732-1451. The names of those who report child abuse are always kept confidential.

If the child abuse concern is on a weekend, or involves immediate danger to a child, a call to local law enforcement is also completely appropriate and advised.

The Hubbard County Child Abuse Prevention Council has two primary goals locally. The first is to promote child abuse awareness in our community. The second is to support the wonderful local agencies and organizations who serve to strengthen families and parents.

To accomplish this, our primary annual fundraiser is the Radiothon to End Child Abuse in December. We want to thank all the local businesses who annually donate auction items for this event, and also to thank all those who annually call in to purchase auction items and donate funds for this important cause.

Together, as local communities working together, we can all take positive steps to reduce child abuse and to strengthen parents and families.

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