Q: What is the process in deciding which areas will get patrolled by the deputies? Do the officers decide themselves which roads they patrol?

A: The majority of the time it is left up to the officers.

We do get areas in which people will call and report a lot of speeders or suspicious activity, and we then advise the officers to spend additional time in those areas.

But more often than not, when you see a deputy travelling on one of the roads in our county, they aren’t necessarily “patrolling” that particular area but are rather driving through that area in route to a call.

When you compare the number of deputies we have to the number of calls for service we have every year, there isn’t a lot of time left for actual patrolling. I truly wish (fingers crossed) that I had enough deputies on at any one time where I could designate certain areas for them to spend time in.

For example, every year we have issues with high speeds in the 30 mph zones on County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 18 and CSAH 1 along Fishhook Lake. It never fails – when a deputy arrives in the area with the intent to do some traffic enforcement, they get called away to go on another call. And that gets frustrating, especially for those that live along those stretches of roads hoping to get cars slowed down. Don’t get me wrong, your officers stop a fair share of vehicles that need stopping. But there are a lot more out there.

And there are a lot of areas in the county that need additional presence, and we are working on that.