Question: On days when the county transfer station is closed, is there an alternative to where people can drop off their garbage? It's frustrating when one hauls their garbage to the dump only to find it's closed because of a holiday.

Answer: This topic certainly isn’t directly in my realm, but it can quickly get there. The short answer is “no.” The Hubbard County Transfer Stations are, in fact, closed on certain holidays but do have regular hours of operation. Beyond that, you would have to bring your garbage home and return another day.

What happens, however, is that some people who were counting on getting rid of their garbage that day end up dumping it some place they shouldn’t, which ends up being a littering issue and thus becomes a problem and an investigation for your sheriff’s office.

We deal with this every year, in fact. And I have to say that littering is something that we simply do not tolerate. Deputies will put on gloves and have no problem digging through bags of garbage looking for a name. It’s part of the investigation and what it takes on this type of case. Whether it's discarding something onto the highway out your car window, leaving something behind on the ice or emptying an ashtray on the side of the road, if we catch you, you will be cited.

To go along with the criminal charges, you can also be assessed with cleanup costs as well. If a township or the county ended up having to clean up the mess, I encourage them to request restitution from the judge when the individual is sentenced.

We live in a nice area. We have good roads and a lot of nice lakes. The Minnesota Department of Transportation, Hubbard County Highway Department or our township officials don’t need to be picking up after people who want to leave a mess in our ditches. It’s unnecessary and it’s going to get you in trouble.