Feb. 25 is the beginning of the 2020 political season!

Hubbard County Republicans are encouraged to attend their local precinct caucus, starting at 7 p.m. (registration at 6:30 p.m.) on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

Caucuses are where local voters start to formulate their party’s platform. This is where delegates and alternates are selected to their party conventions and where candidates seeking other elected offices can provide their campaign material and introductory information.

The Hubbard County Republican Caucus locations are as follows:

Park Rapids Century School cafetorium, 501 Helton Avenue, Park Rapids

  • Argo Twp

  • Clay Twp

  • Clover Twp

  • Henrietta Twp

  • Hubbard Twp

  • Lake Emma Twp

  • Park Rapids City P-1

  • Park Rapids City P-2

  • Straight River Twp

  • Todd Twp P-1

  • Todd Twp P-2

Akeley Regional Community Center, 210 Pleasant Avenue SE, Akeley

  • Akeley City

  • Akeley Twp

  • Badoura Twp

  • Crow Wing Twp

  • Mantrap Twp

  • Nevis City

  • Nevis Twp

  • Steamboat River Twp

  • Thorpe Twp

  • White Oak Twp

Laporte School community room, 315 Main Street West, Laporte

  • Farden Twp

  • Fern Twp

  • Guthrie Twp

  • Hart Lake Twp

  • Helga Twp

  • Hendrickson Twp

  • Lake Alice Twp

  • Lake George Twp

  • Lake Hattie Twp

  • Lakeport Twp

  • Laporte City

  • Rockwood Twp

  • Schoolcraft Twp

Local caucus locations can also be found at the following web address: www.sos.state.mn.us/elections-voting/how-elections-work/precinct-caucuses.