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WORD ON THE STREET: Do you agree or disagree with 20-cent-per-gallon gas tax?

DeeAnn Schaefer: "As a working family, it's hard to pay another 20 cents a gallon to go to and from work. I have no idea where we can pull money from at this time. The whole economy is hard pressed."1 / 6
Joe Conley: "I disagree. They've already got a big surplus. They can use some of that."2 / 6
Dave Thomas: "I disagree with raising any more taxes, especially on gas. It's high enough. Maybe, instead of a big chunk of 20 cents, have it scheduled so it goes up two or three cents every few years."3 / 6
Keith Jordahl: "I'm totally against it. There are funds already set aside for that. To me, it's mismanagement by the higher-ups."4 / 6
Jerry Perpich: "No denial that they need money for that, but he doesn't mention any spending of the $1.5 billion surplus. I think they need to get some committees together and come up with a consensus."5 / 6
Caleb Anderson: "I disagree because they already use our fuel taxes for other things. Yeah, we've got crappy roads, but I think there's definitely other ways to go about it. We've still got to get around."6 / 6

The Enterprise asked random people at the gas pumps in Park Rapids, "Do you agree or disagree with Gov. Walz' proposal to raise the gas tax by 20 cents per gallon? How would you fund the road improvements Minnesota needs?" Here were their responses.