Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and its partners finished a project on Nov. 1, 2018 that included installing exclusion fencing along the west side of the Kabekona River, near the City of Laporte.

Funding came from a grant supplied through the State of Minnesota associated with the Buffer Law. Volunteer workers installed just over 1,000 feet of fencing, including gates and braces.

These exclusion fences will assist in the reestablishment of perennial vegetation in these previously high-traffic watering areas. This project will also exclude cattle from watering from three different areas along the Kabekona River, assisting in reducing the amount of sediment deposited into the river by eliminating soil disturbance on the banks or bed of the river.

The last area is a crossing area that will still allow the landowner to move cattle between pastures on each side of the river to allow for pasture management, but will limit the frequency and duration of each crossing.

This project took about two-and-a-half days to fully install and would not have been possible without the combined efforts of the volunteers from our partnering organizations involved with this project. The partnering organizations for this project were the Laporte Lions Club, Kabekona Lake Association & Foundation and Trout Unlimited Headwaters Chapter.

The landowner's assistance and cooperation with this project was critical in the identification of an issue and implementation of this project. It was not only a success in the exclusion fences being installed, but also the partnerships that were forged as part of this project. It was encouraging to see the landowner and these organizations help each other and come together to benefit our shared natural resources.