Kudos to firefighters

Thumbs Up: They are volunteers. They are putting their lives at risk to help others. They are firefighters. Roughly 100 firefighters from the surrounding area worked to put out the Blueberry Pines Golf Course blaze Wednesday afternoon. The Enterprise and our community salute you. You are appreciated!

Thumbs Down: Upon hearing about the Blueberry Pines fire, many onlookers clogged U.S. Hwy. 71 to take videos and photos. Some even tried to film as they drove past - clearly, not a safe driving practice. The Wadena County Sheriff's Office asked the public to stay out of the area, as multiple fire departments were on scene. Bystanders only clogged an already congested area and prevented firefighters from doing their jobs.

Giving something extra

Thumbs Up: At the Shell station in Menahga, don't be surprised if a man comes up while you are filling on gas and asks to take over at the pump so you can go in where it is warm, putting the "service" in service station. Most people have only seen this in movies from the days when a man used to run out to fill on gas and check oil and tires when the bell rang announcing a customer's arrival. Bradley and Marlene Snyder own the business. Bradley said he fills on gas when staffing permits because he likes to help others.

Facebook flaws

Thumbs Down: Local businesses, community groups and government agencies who think that using social media is the sole way to reach their audience should think again. Facebook, in particular, uses algorithms to control who gets to see what. When you post something on Facebook, all your friends and followers won't see it on their news feed. Instead, Facebook's algorithms show your stuff only to the top umpteen percent of them, ranked by how often they view, like or comment on your posts. To reach more people, you have to pay Facebook to promote your post. That, along with advertising, is how Facebook makes money. In order for your audience to see what you post, they have to go looking for it on their own initiative.

Don't shoot the messenger

Thumbs Down: The Enterprise frequently shares state political news from one of our sister newspapers or from our parent company's Minnesota Legislature reporter. When the article is about Republicans, the Enterprise is accused of being conservative. When the article is about Democrats, the Enterprise is accused of being liberal. Readers need to remember that the Enterprise is a news source. We are simply sharing what is happening in the state Capitol so you may be an informed voter. Sharing political news - particularly if it is about issues that are of interest to our readers, such as gun control - is not equivalent to advocating for one party or another.