I would like to respond to the report which was given to the Menahga School Board by Superintendent Kevin Wellen on Dec. 10 regarding my conciliation court claim. I am not seeking, nor would I ever seek, anything that was not due me pursuant to my signed contract with the Menahga Public School District.

I was reimbursed for the unused vacation days I earned in the 2016-17 school year, which was allowed to be carried over into the following school year, per my contract. What I am making a claim for is the vacation days I earned in the 2017-18 school year, after working a full school year with the district, and which is given after the fact, per my contract. This request by me for the earned vacation days was denied by the school board on the advice of the Menahga School's attorney, which the attorney's opinion was based on inaccurate information provided by the superintendent.

I made a second request in August 2018 for the 2017-18 vacation pay due me because I still had not been reimbursed to date. I have no other recourse but to take this matter to court. This is not how this issue should have to be resolved.

When I was first employed 28 years ago with the school district, my original contract was written that after a full year of employment, I would receive my vacation days.  This has remained the same as of the signing of my most recent two-year contract.

Enough is enough! The continuous erroneous reporting by Superintendent Kevin Wellen needs be corrected so everyone is aware of the facts.

The unnecessary attorney fees and expenses that have been incurred, and may continue to be incurred in this matter, should have been used for other purposes, such as for the students' education. I don't want future full-time retirees to have to take the Menahga School District to court to receive what they have earned.

It has been both an honor and a privilege to work for the Menahga School District for the past 28 years. I have always looked out for the best interests of the school district taxpayers, staff and students.