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Letter to the editor: Warning to pet owners in Osage area

I am writing this letter to warn area residents to be alert for malicious, suspicious activity.

One week ago, my dog, a healthy little Dachshund named "Mo," became violently ill. I took him to the veterinary clinic and by the end of the day he died despite wonderful care. The veterinarian was sure that he had "ingested a toxin" of some sort which caused liver failure and profound low blood sugar and shock. She also warned me about the toxicity of sugar-free gum with xylitol, which can be fatal to dogs. We did not have gum around the house. I was not aware of this. We searched all around our house and property and could not find anything he could have gotten into, in or around our home. We were heartbroken and sad. He was so loved and such a great companion and part of our family.

A few days later, I learned that five dogs had recently been poisoned around my neighborhood in Osage, presumably from antifreeze. One perpetrator was caught by law enforcement and confessed. Apparently, the dogs were poisoned to stop the dogs from barking to alert their owners when the perpetrators would come back later to commit theft. I was sickened by this news, as I remembered my dog barking at a vehicle in our yard the day before he was ill and I did not see the vehicle or person.

I have no way to prove my case, but did report it to Becker County law enforcement. Please be alert to any suspicious behavior around and listen to your pets. As it seems there are evil, terrible people out there. Someone that is capable of harming an innocent family pet may be capable of much more. I wish I had investigated my dog's warning sooner. Maybe he would still be here today.