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Letter: Support legislation dealing with protesters

"Russification of Minnesota"? Really?

I think Howie Anderson of Ponsford (Enterprise Opinion page, April 1) has been watching too much RT TV news to the exclusion of metro TV news. KARE, KMSP, KSTP and WCCO all provided exhaustive coverage of the protesters' actions that prompted the proposed legislation. Members of the militant Black Lives Matter closed down the Mall of America, closed down Interstate 94, blocked public access to a metro airport terminal, blocked light rail access to the stadium and caused metro law enforcement millions of dollars in expenses. The actions of radical DAPL protesters in North Dakota caused similar concerns over extremist protests.

Your right to protest ceases when it infringes on my right to freedom of movement.

The Minnesota State House has already passed legislation to address the issue. I urge readers to contact their Minnesota State Senator to support efforts to deal with extremist protesters.