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Letter: Airstrikes a masterful move

Let's see. Things not going well for the Donald. No Muslim ban, no Obamacare repeal, no movement on infrastructure, jobs,...approval ratings dropping to historic lows, Russian hacking/interfering with the election heating up, getting too close. Gotta do something to get people excited again. We know they like a show of force. Hey, Vlad, what can we do to show we remain enemies to take some heat off?

Well, Donnie, it has to be something really rotten to grab everyone's attention and stoke anger. If we do that you can do a retaliatory strike — best at night when fireworks are most impressive. Tell you what. I left a pile of chemical weapons in Syria a few years ago. I'll tell my friend Assad to drop a few on a populated area and you be sure to have cameras there to show the carnage and horrible pain of those hit.

By the way, there's an airfield in shooting range of your two destroyers lingering off coast for some unknown reason. Let me know when it's going down so I can get my guys out of there and let you know where the old planes are. Another thing, don't damage the runways. Assad has some missions planned from there in a day or two.

And Donnie, we have to look like we are enemies again so the Russian/Trump team election collusion investigation will go away.

Sure hopes this works. I know it breaks international law since you were not threatened and you didn't bother to get congressional approval but doggone it, we know the sight of those million dollar cruise missiles (like 4th of July fireworks) lighting up the sky will make people around the world feel safe again.

It did work as planned. Embarrassingly, many pundits and politicians (including Democrats) here and around the world applauded the show of force, even if it's only effects were a dramatic show of force and a 3 point rise in Trump's approval ratings. What future event will trigger a knee jerk response from POTUS? The red button is not far enough away.

Did anyone ask if Assad really did the bombing? Russia and Assad say no. ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other rebel groups probably have chemical weapons or studios where attacks could be staged. Too many questions that should have been answered before pulling the trigger.