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Letter: Domestic violence is all around us

I would like to bring attention to Headwaters Intervention Center located here in Park Rapids. They provide a very critical element for this community. I can proudly say I am a survivor, however from many years ago, and we didn't have the support they have now. They are truly amazing. They serve victims of domestic abuse with dignity and provide avenues of which they can proceed to protect themselves. This is where you bring your family member or friend when they need help. You will not be turned away. There is always a listening ear, supportive hug, and words of encouragement that they can get past this and to never give up; shedding light on a safe and healthy future.

It is a community issue that needs your attention.

If you think that domestic violence only exists in certain walks of life, your are wrong! It happens in all demographics of society. This abuse breaks up marriages, ends families if not handled properly and can negatively affect children for their lifetime that maybe can't be mended.

It is happening outside your window, outside your door, down the road, around the block, in your town, in the next town, your state, and it's even happening in your family.

These organizations in our area that help victims are a godsend! They are much needed and in high demand. They provide a very critical element for this community. Our community needs to realize we need these agencies to assist domestic violence victims. I know funding is always an issue so please keep us in your prayers.

Please recognize, "it happens here."