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Commentary: Put life in neutral, enjoy the simple things

Sometimes we just need to lay down in the grass, take in the sun and look at the big beautiful sky.

Something so simple doesn't cost anything. There's value in lying on your back and picking out cloud figures on sun-filled days like we had Sunday. It's okay to throw life in neutral and enjoy the simple things that surround our everyday lives. I don't know much, but I do know that.

Work with all the phone calls and the deadlines will be there Monday morning. Those don't stop. So when we do get a chance to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in the backyard, we should.

I lounged around beneath the trees as the dogs chased their tails and wrestled with each other. The comforting smell of a campfire helped provide an inner calm. The girls did some chores, begrudgingly picking up after the dogs. Trust your father, the more we pick up in the fall means less mess in the spring.

We went for a walk. We cleaned the garage. We completed projects. We played with dolls. We worked and relaxed together, as a family.

I tried not to think about the election and how crazy some people are acting.

As I lie there in the fallen pine needles, too lazy to rake them into a pile, I came to the realization there are a million things to do on a day like Sunday that are far better for the soul than to kick and scream about the presidential election. No matter who was elected, I knew my life would go on the way I choose to make it go on. Don't panic. We're too great a country to fail ourselves.

People are protesting and burning cars because the person they wanted to be president did not get elected. College students are seeking counseling and allowed to miss tests because they are so distraught with the election results. Really? Sad. Lose the sense of entitlement and get your work done.

I refuse to get caught up in the madness.

Sunday, I found myself playing a little game of "I'd rather" in my head. Things I can do that are more enjoyable and far less stressful than watching people act like fools over the election.

I'd rather lie in my backyard and listen to my children play, watch as they explore and use their imaginations, climb a tree and figure out how to jump over the fence without getting hung up. I'd rather laugh with them as they laugh at me. I'd rather watch them throw pine cones and shove each other to the ground.

We've all got our own "I'd rathers." Whether it's a lazy day in the backyard, sitting in a deer stand, drinking a beer in the driveway, fishing or walking in the woods. Any of it, all of it, should be far more enjoyable than following the political rants on social media.

We need to relax and enjoy life. Hug your children, scratch your dog. It's a great start to inner peace.

I don't have the time or energy to protest. I have a job. I have deadlines to meet. I have bills to pay, children to raise and basketball games to coach. I don't hate anyone for how they vote. I am, however, disgusted by some of your actions and words.

You are not making the world a better place by rioting. Your candidate lost in a democratic election process. Get over it, you look like a fool.

We need to see less of that.

We need more stories like this: Last week, a group of local retired military went out to dinner for their regular meeting. A guy at the bar overheard the discussion and picked up the tab for the entire group. He generously bought dinner for all 17 veterans. That random act of kindness makes the world go 'round folks. I heard that story Sunday and it made me feel good.

Thanksgiving is next week. Step back, cherish the family fellowship, food and drink.

Put the nonsense aside and enjoy life. You'll feel better. We'll all feel better.