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Enterprise editorial: Can we now please move past all the negativity?

I'm an idiot. You're an idiot. We're all idiots.

That's what this election, and which candidate we support, comes down to if you get caught up in the social media hysteria. Hillary is a liar, she's a crook and anyone who votes for her should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. Donald says horrible things about women, doesn't have the experience or temperament to be president, and anyone who votes for him should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.

That's the state of American politics we live in today, where anyone and everyone is an expert by simply sharing and posting the political garbage produced by partisan websites and fake news sources. The above-mentioned criticisms of these two candidates certainly may be true, but there has to be much more to both that could benefit this country, if elected. Whether it's Hillary's lifetime of political experience or Trump's business success and savvy. Yes, we all know some of Hillary's political experiences and Donald's business dealings have been shady over the years. We need to believe with all their faults, and despite all the fake scandals and political bombshells that emerge from the PAC-controlled websites, they can find a way to lead America. We may not like who we are stuck with, but it's not healthy to feed the massive machine of negativity. If you can't handle the outcome and threaten to move out of the country if your candidate is not elected, then pack up and move.

We're in the final days of this election cycle, and at the very least, the ridiculous political ads will cease. Social media won't stop, however. We proved that with eight years of President Obama. The negativity, misinformation and ignorant hatred does not stop after the ballots are cast and counted.

Look at the last eight years where social media really took hold of America. Even before President Obama was elected to his first term the battle cry was "He's going to take our guns away!" We've been hearing that for eight years and depending on how this presidential election goes it will continue with "Hillary is going to take our guns away!"

This isn't a gun control debate or position here but this issue has been constant, and guns haven't been taken away from law abiding citizens. Despite what you're reading though, America as a whole and across the political spectrum loves, values and protects the 2nd Amendment.

That politically motivated misinformation on both sides of the divide is passed on to our children. They come home from school and say they heard Hillary is going to take everybody's guns away and Trump is going to start a nuclear war. No, and hopefully, no. We shouldn't be surprised though. We've been at war for 15 years since President G.W. Bush and that carried on all the way through President Obama's eight years.

The thing is when we make such simplistic, absolute and definitive statements about what the candidates are going to do to physically destroy America we increase the blind ignorance, which then in turn slowly destroys the intellectual strength of America.

Listen to either side and they're convinced the other candidate will lead to America's demise. Follow social media over the past decade and you'll find each president we've elected is the "worst president ever."

President Trump/President Clinton and their immoral ways will be worse than President Obama, who was worse than President G.W. Bush, who was worse than President Bill Clinton, who was worse than President H.W. Bush, who was worse than President Reagan, who was worse than the worst ever in Jimmy Carter.

The sad thing is, as history has quickly proved, the negativity is not going to stop no matter who is elected the next president of our great nation. The armchair political philosophers will continue to spew the constant partisan garbage generated by political propaganda machines. Even more sad, that segment of the population responsible for this loves doing what they do. It doesn't matter if the hate-driven nonsense they pass along is true or not.

We're not exactly a half-full kind of country these days when it comes to our presidents, are we? Listening to and reading all the hatred is exhausting.

Change that please.

Good luck on Election Day. Enjoy the process, appreciate the freedom to vote and all the freedoms we do value and cherish.