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Letter: Clinton opposite of what is described in letter

I would like to respond to John and Karen LaFond's opinion letter in the Oct 22 Enterprise in which they listed the many reasons they supported Hillary Clinton. The Hillary Clinton they described certainly sounded like a great candidate to support if you're a democrat. I wonder if she's any relation to the Hillary Clinton that is running against Donald Trump for president. THAT Hillary Clinton is almost a polar opposite to the Clinton they're describing. THAT Hillary Clinton, in this age of Islamic terrorism, our crippled military and outdated defense system, recklessly wants open borders making homeland security impossible. The flow of refugees from the middle East is largely a result of the failed policies she and Obama implemented.

I wish I had the space to respond to each section of the letter but, of course, I don't. But think about it. Would Wall Street pay her $250,000 per speech and fund her campaign if they really thought she was going to regulate them even more? THAT Hillary Clinton has been able to use her position as secretary of state to sell access to our government officials through the Clinton Foundation, making millions in the process. Imagine how much more she can make as president.

She has one huge asset. She can look the American people in the eye and lie. She doesn't choke on her words or get red in the face like most of us would. It seems as natural as breathing to her.

Look at her lies on Benghazi, private email server, Obamacare, second amendment rights, pay to play, her coming under attack on the tarmac in the middle east. The list is endless.

Donald Trump may have said some vulgar, stupid things in the past but they weren't said to mislead us or corrupt our government as Hillary Clinton has done.

This year, I would think any reasonably informed person will have to hold their nose when they vote because both candidates stink. I'm voting for Donald Trump because I do believe with all his faults he is capable of cleaning up the mess in Washington and trying to "Make America Great Again."