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Letter: Closing arguments on the election

At last! We're nearing the end of a torturous campaign that has done little to support the way we elect our leaders.

Elections are more and more a media circus, crowding out important news of the day to make room for candidates' propaganda, the more bizarre the better. I don't think I've turned on TV in the past year and a half, and not heard the name Donald Trump within five minutes.

Now it gets really serious and for those of us in the 8th District of Minnesota, the race between Congressman Nolan and Stewart Mills is too close for comfort. For Nolan's latest four years in congress, I have looked forward to his Monday report letting his constituents know what is going on in Washington and how he is participating. His record in getting significant legislation passed for his district, the state and country has earned him recognition as one of the top 10 legislators in the country. He has done this despite the sharp partisan divisions in congress. He knows the system and how to work within it; takes many years of experience and developing working relationships with members of both parties.

Enter Stewart Mills who has no legislative experience, no working relationships, no policies except those drawn from the "Tea Party" whose influence in Congress is declining. His ability to get anything done except vote "no" on anything resembling progressive proposals is highly unlikely. There should be no difficulty choosing between Nolan and Mills. Nolan is already in a class by himself. Mills is in political kindergarten.

Aside from that, I see the candidates' signs along the roadways with just names on them so their party affiliation may be unknown until you vote. Clinton, Nolan, Skoe, and Klabunde are Democrats. Trump, Utke, Mills, and Green are Republicans. The party platforms and comparisons are easily accessible using Google or any other search engine. Be informed. Look them up. Be sure to vote.