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Letter: Support for Clinton's presidential campaign

Coming together later in life, forming new friendships and contemplating the future our children and grandchildren will experience prompted a discussion by several of us about shared values and why those values translate to support for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, have lived and worked in urban centers and rural communities and have been blessed to encounter people from around the world as we have lived our lives. Listed below is a summary of shared reasons that outline our support of Hillary Clinton for president:

• Demonstrated steadfast commitment to the common good of all, as evidenced by a lifetime of public service on behalf of the most vulnerable people in this society: women, children and many in communities of color whose voices must be heard if we are to build unity and honor core national principles.

• Broad foreign policy experience at the highest levels, across diverse cultures and amid shifting realities, paired with strong advocacy for women's rights around the world.

• Demonstrated understanding of the urgent need to address climate change with commitments to act nationally and globally while establishing our nation as the clean energy superpower for coming generations.

• Well informed and knowledgeable commitment to work towards continued improvement of the Affordable Care Act and Medicare so that all Americans can access the healthcare they need to lead productive, healthy lives.

• Implementation of Immigration reform that is humane, realistic and responsive to the needs of this nation's workforce now and into the future.

• A plan to modernize and rebuild the nation's infrastructure which will spur the growth of good jobs and strengthen national security.

• A commitment to replace or restructure inadequate higher education funding mechanisms giving opportunity and access to all who are motivated, disciplined, engaged and prepared to train or retrain for a modern economy.

• A deep and disciplined understanding and respect for our nation's military power, responsibility and personnel during and after their service.

• Continuing the commitment to, and improvement of, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that protects citizens from predatory, exploitative and risky financial practices.

• An unwavering belief that together in community and in collaboration with one another we are stronger, healthier, happier and more inclined to tackle the work that waits for each citizen of a great nation.

Also signing on to this letter are Howie and Linda Anderson, Scott and Linda Bentson, John and Karen LaFond, Lynn and Steve Lindow, Bob Merritt, Julie Sanders, Mark and Donna Veronen, Dan and Laurie Wilson