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We don't need a wall, or do we?

If you wish to view the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton at 15 Old House Lane, Chappaqua, NY what you will see is not much house but a lot of fence and security cameras. When you approach the living quarters of Barack Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, you now see a 3,500 foot long 8-foot high fence that may soon be changed to 13-foot high.

We often lock our car doors when we leave it unattended. We even lock the doors of our houses at night and when we are not at home. Don't we trust our neighbors to respect our property?

We hire police and sheriffs to protect and serve our communities. We even train and employ soldiers to protect our country from foreign invaders like the Japanese in 1941. We also arrange for "Secret Service Agents" to protect our President from people who might try to harm him or her. Why do we do these things? We do these things because we have learned that some of our "neighbors" will violate our person or property and cannot be trusted.

So when we go to a sporting event or movie theater we stand in line to buy a ticket, then we show our ticket as we enter the gate and we show it again as we go to our seat. Do any of us care if someone sneaks in a side door and takes a seat and sees a free game or movie? So are the elected officials that say we don't need to secure our borders from those who would sneak in or bring drugs to ruin our youth thinking logically?

Maybe we should allow people to sneak into the House of Representatives or Senate and say "too bad" to the elected officials who worked so hard for those seats when they find someone else at their desk!

No good architect puts up a building without a good foundation, or do they?