Scott Michael Persons

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b. 7/24/1960 Minneapolis, MN  d. 1/22/2021 Park Rapids, MN

The family of Scott Persons is heartbroken that such a loving person  is no longer here.

Scott knew nobody was perfect and he didn’t expect it. He was just proud of you, and he would never give a particular reason. 

He was a great reminiscer, the nostalgia was bittersweet but that suited his character. 

He of course enjoyed hunting and fishing (always wearing camo!) but he found immense peace watching the trees glide by from the boat or seeing a fawn in the backyard. 

He found purpose as a Dad, tool-maker, tinkerer, ex-husband, Santa at Xmas, son, brother, nephew, uncle and “Uncle” :) and truly an empathetic and considerate guy. 

Dad could enjoy the ride, be it winding, raining, or 5+ hours. If it was sunny he enjoyed it. If it was exhilarating, he reveled in it. Uneventful scenery always had conversation and music and public radio. 

He lived in both rural and urban MN and the Tampa Bay area of FL during high school. He made genuine connections, and gave congratulations, or condolences. His fridge was full of photos and cards and wedding announcements.

No time on this Earth is enough. Scott Michael Persons endeavored to balance love of service and self. As a dedicated volunteer firefighter in Columbia Heights, MN he saw much suffering and (being an empath) felt it too. He coped by working, mowing the lawn, and unfortunately by drink known as ethanol. He was a most reliable employee and perhaps hid his trials too well for his own good. 

However it happened, Dad did not receive the medical attention or leave that he needed to make it to retirement age. Despite the night terrors and trauma he always had a “Hey! How’s it goin’?, a warm handshake, and he *saw* you. 

He said BLM and knew he was shielded from many problems as a white man in this society.

He was not a complaining person, but he was very much bothered that the well water in his beloved MN Heartland was no longer potable.

Maybe this world is too much for such a sensitive person.

His family’s grief is deep and he will be missed by all who knew him.

His memorial service is at Faithbridge Church, Park Rapids, MN June, 19th 2021 at 2:00. Visitation at 1:00.

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