Robert Byron Thomas II

Robert “Bob” B. Thomas of Tulsa, Oklahoma peacefully passed away on October 22, 2019 at Zarrow Pointe Care Center, surrounded by friends and family. He recently burned 89 candles and signed off to this world due to a septic infection. He was born August 15, 1930 to Harold W. and Lillian J. Thomas, in Park Rapids, Minnesota. There, he grew up hunting, fishing, playing football and, as legend has it, causing a bit of a ruckus. After graduating highschool, he went to the University of Minnesota. He served in the Army as a paratrooper and was a Second Lieutenant in the Korean War. He worked on various construction projects including the building of the Garrison National Dam in North Dakota. Bob married Patricia Clouse from Olivia, MN on May 23, 1959. He and Pat went to Upstate New York and finally, in the 60’s, moved to the place they called home, Tulsa. Bob spent countless miles on the freeway driving “double-nickels” (55mph) in his eighteen-wheeler, many freezing six-week stints managing transportation for the Alaska pipeline, and innumerable hours with Texans “wheeling and dealing” in the freight brokerage business. Summers were enjoyed with Pat, family and friends in their cabin on Upper Bottle Lake near his hometown of Park Rapids. He was a devoted husband of 56 years. At the end of Pat’s lifetime, she suffered from Alzheimer’s. Bob awed us all and embraced the roll as a compassionate caregiver. While never having children of their own, many were lucky enough to call Bob and Pat surrogate parents or grandparents. He is survived by a loving group of extended family, friends, neighbors and Kitty, his cat. A celebration will be held for friends and family at Zarrow Point, 2025 E. 71st Street Tulsa, OK on Thursday, November 7 from 4:30-7pm. We all loved Bob for his mischievous spirit, his outgoing personality, his gift to gab, his hour long phone calls and his love for learning. Bob will be greatly missed. “Over and Out” Uncle Bob. GBY

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