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Leevon Justin Greenlee

Leevon Justin Greenlee

I fly above this tragic event and a flow of people family, friends, clergy and even enemies come in and out of view. You understand they are talking to you but can't comprehend their words.

A hug filled with love follows these conversations and you float the next gem that once knew your son. You try to extract his essence from them...trying still to understand what just happened.

Tears keep coming and coming and you almost feel guilty because they are about him and you don't want to lose anymore of him than you already have.

Another hug of love and compassion and you move the precious gems around you that are helping you hold space for your grief and honoring its presence.

My son you are gone...but evident to me you live on in each person here and every single tear, every prayer your essence is everywhere.

You are in the the a car a popping of a balloon or it flying an app on your a bedroom light switch...or a smoke a steel horse riding by...or a bottle of Fireball left on your the birds...or in a bear hug with no one a green a dragonfly...or a rock on the beach.

Your prayers, gifts, wishes, travel, cards, food, love, compassion, service, friendships, time, tears and hugs have left fingerprints on our hearts. (author LLO(G)

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