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Corwin Arthur Myers

Corwin Arthur Myers

Corwin Arthur Myers passed away February 3, 2018 at his home in Jones Valley, California. He was surrounded by his family and friends.

Corwin was born in Park Rapids on June 18, 1928 at 600 South Washington. He was the youngest of 10 children.

Corwin's father, Samuel Issac Myers, and his grandfather, Thomas Corwin Myers were pioneer builders in Park Rapids. Corwin was proud of his heritage and was instrumental in preserving his family's legacy for the Minnesota Historical Society; notably, the Myers' role in the building of Itasca State Park.

Corwin's father died when he was 6 years old. He soon was delivering newspapers and splitting wood to help his mom. Later he worked at the Red Owl grocery, set pins at the bowling alley and worked as a nite clerk at the Great Northern Hotel.

At 16, Corwin moved to California and began working in the grocery industry while attending Berkley High School. He graduated in 1946.

He met and married his first wife, Enid and had three sons that were his pride and joy. By 28, Corwin was a store manager and eventually owned two grocery stores.

At 41, Corwin sold both stores and began working with the Richmond, CA Unified School District. He started as a Resource Officer; quickly transforming the unit into a school-based police department. He served 21 years including 16 years as Chief of Police over 23 sworn officers. Because of his decisive and courageous response to medical and safety emergencies, Corwin is directly credited for saving the lives of several students who remained in contact with their beloved Officer for the rest of his life.

Retirement in 1989 allowed Corwin to finally move into his home in Jones Valley, CA. An avid water-skier, Corwin fell in love with Lake Shasta in 1956. In 1967, he bought his dream property overlooking a beautiful green valley with Bear Mountain in the backyard. He spent every weekend for a decade driving up from the Bay Area and personally building the house he designed.

Corwin stayed active in his community and was always willing to help neighbor, friend or anyone in need. In 2008, the East Valley Times dubbed Corwin the, "Unofficial Mayor of Jones Valley".

Corwin had a big heart and fun-loving personality. He enjoyed traveling and square dancing. He met his future wife, Jari, at a dance in 1999. They married in 2002, and spent many happy years traveling and enjoying their time together. Corwin enjoyed traveling back to Park Rapids and Itasca State Park, especially for the Fourth of July.

Corwin was preceded in death by his son, David; his first wife, Enid; his parents, Samuel and Margaret; and all of his siblings.

Corwin is survived by his wife Jari; sons Jon (Joanne) of Concord, California, and Dann (Rose) of Bethel Island, California; 3 stepchildren; 7 grandchildren; 8 great-grandchildren; a large extended family and many dear friends.

Corwin is lovingly remembered for his strong work-ethic and kind, easy-going, welcoming nature. Not to mention his love of 3x5 cards, label-makers, and, of course his sweet tooth!

Graveside service will be June 9th at 2pm at Greenwood Cemetery, Park Rapids, MN.