The father-and-son team of Tayden and Kevin George found nice fish of all three species to win the 34th annual Cirks Brother’s Memorial Scholarship Fishing Tournament held Saturday, June 12th on Lake Belle Taine.

According to organizer Jeremy Anderson, “The duo’s big fish of the day was a beautiful 5.29-pound silver pike. Their limit also included four walleyes, five bass, and another 4.29-pound pike for a total weight of 32.74 lbs.”

Nate Ott and Dwight Deboer finished right behind the winners with a full tournament stringer five walleyes, five bass and two northern pike, totaling 31.26 pounds, Anderson said. “Their five walleyes totaled 12.11 lbs and was the heaviest bag of walleyes in the tournament.”

The 2019 defending champions, Scott Cirks and Nick Marvin, finished third with a total of 29.75 pounds, which included a 5.34-pound walleye, and a 6.7-pound northern pike. Keith Blumberg and Dave Luedke finished fourth with a total weight of 28.57 pounds . “Their catch was anchored by the big walleye of the day, which weighed in at 5.89 pounds,” said Anderson.

Rounding out the top five were the father-and-son team of Brett and Ryan Kent with a total weight of 28.09 pounds.

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Another father-and-son team, Chuck and Jason Durham, finished sixth with 27.79 pounds.

Seventh place went to Josh Winter and Dan Freeman with 26.42 pounds.

Eighth place was held by AJ Pappas and Mike Quillan with 26.36 pounds.

Ninth place went to the father-and-son team of Eric and Gary Wolff with 25.69 pounds. And rounding out the top 10 was a fifth father-and-son team, Dick and Jonah Winter, with a total of 23.72 pounds. Anderson said, “Their bag included a 4.40-pound largemouth, which was the biggest bass of the day. The largest northern pike entered went to the team of Hunter Schroeder and Dylan Stenberg.”

A full field of 50 boats took part in the tradition, according to Anderson. There were 61 walleyes entered totaling 135.85 pounds, 77 northern pike for a total of 204.58 pounds, and 202 bass for a total of 413.66 lbs, which adds up to 340 fish being caught and entered.