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Minnesota Chamber president calls on Trump, Congress to end shutdown

ST. PAUL - The president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, Jan. 24, called on the state's congressional delegates and President Donald Trump to end the partial government shutdown.

In a letter, Chamber President Doug Loon said the shutdown, which entered its 34th day Thursday, was having profound impacts on the state's economy.

"As you well know, the government shutdown includes all 'nonessential' operations of various departments across the federal government," Loon wrote. "While 'nonessential' operations may sound inconsequential, what we are seeing is far from it. The lack of a responsive federal government is causing significant and possibly lasting damage to businesses and the economy."

Loon called on members of Congress and the president to reach a compromise and end the shutdown, which has left hundreds of thousands of federal workers around the country furloughed or working without pay.

"The time to act is now so we can grow Minnesota and the entire nation," Loon said.The U.S. Senate was took up opposing bills aimed at ending the shutdown on Thursday, one put forth by Trump and Senate Republicans and another by Senate Democrats. Both were voted down by the body.