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Advertising scam hits Park Rapids area

"The Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce is in no way affiliated or advertising with a company called Hometown Productions or Universal Adcom," said news release by Erin Cox, who is communications and marketing coordinator for the Chamber.

The Chamber reported that representatives from Hometown Productions, also known as Universal Adcom, are calling and invoicing people for advertisements on a map.

After looking up the company, Cox said, it was apparent that they have run this scam in multiple locations in the U.S. They sometimes claim to be affiliated with the local Chamber of Commerce. Sometimes instead of maps, they say they are selling magnets.

"We are not affiliated with them and they don't even have any publications here at the Visitor's Center," Cox said.

There is a link to their page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Anyone who has had an unsatisfactory experience with this company should call the BBB at 260- 423-4433.