FERGUS FALLS, Minn.- As a woman's family recovers following her terrifying abduction, they're giving special thanks to one man whom they barely know.

Jared Nordick took a touching video moments after leaving the family.

In the past two days, its had 16,000 views and nearly 300 shares on Facebook.

People are calling Jared a hero after he came to the aid of the family, a family he only knew through social media.

Jared had seen a post about the frightening situation on Facebook, and he knew he needed to help.

He got in his truck in Rothsay and drove nearly half an hour towards the family house where he found the woman's father and comforted him.

"I just like to pitch in when there's a community deal like that. I think it's a right as an American citizen to help," said Nordick.

WDAY spoke to Jared today about that tense and terrifying afternoon.

He describes how he took the father aside and tried to make him feel better.

"I said, 'Just cool down, tell me about your daughter and you know let's visit,'" he said.

WDAY spoke to family members and Sunday, and they applauded Jared's actions, saying this stranger helped keep everyone calm.

"I messaged him and I said, 'You don't know what an angel you are. You did God's work today,'" said the mother of the woman who was abducted.

The moment Jared said impacted him the most was the second everyone found out that the woman was safe.

It's a sigh of relief forever captured in his video.

"My heart went right to my feet, I had the touching experience of seeing a father and daughter get reunited," said Nordick in the video.

The message he hopes to spread through the video is one of inspiration, so others will help out when the community needs it.

"If someone called today and needed help I'd drop everything and go, I think it just goes back to treat others the way you'd want to be treated," he said.