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Letter to Editor: Climate change denier Steve Green must go

I just returned from the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Summit, which brought together the best minds in the country (and some international experts), and am truly concerned about how climate change and global warming are allowing ever-more dangerous AIS to be able to survive in our northern lakes.

Further, one-third of our Minnesota lakes are not swimmable or fishable, according to the University of Minnesota AIS Research Center.

The keynote speaker, Don Shelby, spoke of how some people, like Rep. Steve Green, don't "believe" in global warming caused largely by human activity. He said you can't argue with people like Steve Green or Sen. Utke because they put forth uninformed opinions.

"Science," Shelby said, "doesn't care what you believe. It is based on facts."

The scientific facts show us how endangered our lakes are, and Steve Green is a climate change denier. Voters need to choose science and facts over denial as our multi-million dollar visitor industry is in grave risk.

Steve Green needs to go. Our futures and our precious lakes demand it!