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Letter to Editor: Utke, Grossell and Green helped Nevis constituents

Thank you, Senator Paul Utke and Representatives Matt Grossell and Steve Green, for your work this past session to pass legislation to specifically help taxpayers in the Nevis School District.

As some past letters have pointed out, Nevis' non-voter-approved levy increased substantially last year for taxes payable in 2017. Mine went up 30.6 percent.

The school board had no choice but to increase the levy because the district was provided excess state funding in the 2014-15 years. According to state law, that over-funding needs to be repaid over a two-year period, this year being the first year of repayment/higher levy.

Based on the advocacy of our local senator and representatives, the state has enacted a special law for Nevis granting the school board the ability to repay the remaining money in three smaller annual payments, instead of one larger one, thus saving Nevis taxpayers money this coming year.

Thanks again, Senator Utke and Representatives Grossell and Green for looking out for your Nevis constituents.