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Letter to the Editor: Next chapter

One thing is certain following this election cycle. Conventional strategies and candidates need to get in tune with this rapidly changing world. Trump on the Republican side and Sanders on the Democrat side created excitement that brought millions of people to the polls with a simple message — the system isn't working for us. We want change. Don't care right now what the change will look like.

How will it play out? I was and still am dismayed at the outcome. Uncertainty at my age triggers a nagging emotional response that plagues my brain with scattered concerns about the economy, foreign relations, social issues, militant mentalities, environmental concerns, health care, security at all levels, climate change... all things addressed during Obama's terms that would be built on with a Clinton presidency. Democrat adoption of Bernie Sanders Progressive agenda brought hope that the country would move forward to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Not that likely to happen now. With Republicans in control of the Presidency, Congress and soon the Supreme Court, progress made will either be reversed or stalled with no plausible alternatives. Trump's "America First" boast suggests a retreat from global participation in an age where even the poorest countries have instant access to awesome data collection and communication. Drawing back from global participation creates a void for powers like China and India to take the economic lead and military powers like Russia, China and North Korea to advance their ideological agendas creeping ever closer to their main target — America. National is the first word in NAZI.

There is a glimmer of hope. Trump is not an ideologue. He is a pragmatist who likes to do big things with flair. In that respect, he enjoys successful projects and deplores losers. Once he digs in and finds out what the work of governing is all about he may be willing to pull back on the negatives and become an advocate of the positives.

In his personal life, moving into the White House and having the Secret Service hovering is a step down from his lavish lifestyle. He may not want a second term.