If you stroll through the freezer section of many grocery stores, you'll likely find a couple varieties of plant-based burgers. I found some I really like -- they're delicious and satisfying. But not everybody in my family agrees. Some think that only meat tastes like meat, only cheese tastes like cheese and only real milk tastes like milk.

They have a point. Meat substitutes, in my opinion, while very yummy, do not taste exactly like meat. This topic is one of several reasons that prompted scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst to find ways to make plant-based, processed foods tastier, healthier and cheaper. But they says it's not all that simple, because animal products are complex.

David Julian McClements, Ph.D., a UMass Amherst food scientist, says many processed, plant-based meat products contain ingredients -- saturated fat, salt and sugar -- that aren't good for you. He's looking for ways to improve those products.

"We're trying to make processed foods healthier," says Clements. He published a paper about this in the journal, Nature.

I'll definitely be be following his work. Like many people, I'm very interested in incorporating plant-based foods into my diet.

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