SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — It's a good day when you can introduce friends to family. That's why we're excited to introduce listeners of 'The Health Variant" to Viv Williams, host of NewsMD podcast "Health Fusion."

In the latest episode of the "The Health Variant" podcast, host and NewsMD Health Correspondent Jeremy Fugleberg will introduce her to Williams in a short interview, then play one of her episodes.

In this "Health Fusion" episode, Williams will dig into the science of sleep, what we can learn from top athletes and what the heck a "nappuccino" is. Give it a listen and subscribe to Health Fusion in any podcast app.

"The Health Variant" digs into health topics important to the region, such as COVID-19, cannabis and telehealth, introduces listeners to must-know places and people and offers behind-the-scenes reporting.

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NewsMD is a Forum Communications brand focusing on health and health care reporting, primarily in the Upper Midwest, including coverage of industry news, research, trends, technology, economic and policy issues.

"The Health Variant" is available on major podcast apps, including:

For comments or podcast episode topic suggestions, contact Fugleberg at or on Twitter: @jayfug.