OTTER TAIL LAKE, Minn. — On the east side of Otter Tail Lake, a parade of cars and curious lake lovers arrived Tuesday, March 30, to see powerful winds pushing mountains of thick, chunky ice stopping just short of the shore.

The drastic temperature change in 24 hours, and a switch in wind direction, created this display of nature's power.

"(It's) rare to see this on Otter Tail Lake," said John Madson who came to the lake to see the ice. "Just the right ice conditions and wind speed, and it is pretty wild."

You really have to stand next to these piles of ice to realize the power mother nature is putting on display. In some cases the lake ice came on to some people's lawns bordering the lake, taking out anything that stood in the way.

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A few yards from a county road on West Battle Lake, sheets of ice, three inches thick, are washing up on shore, being pushed along by winds roaring from the Northwest.

"I lived in Battle Lake for 40 years, and I have never seen piles this big," said David Berg, who also came out to the ice piles. "Some years it quietly gets warm and quietly turns to water."