5 crime podcasts to add to your summer road trip playlist

Road warriors check out these 5 popular crime podcasts.

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Need something to listen to on a long car ride, at work, or just for entertainment? We've got you covered.

"My Favorite Murder" — Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark host this true-crime comedy podcast. Launched in early 2016, the show has sparked an enthusiastic, active "Murderino" fan base.

Listen along as they tell you some of their favorite crimes and some hometown stories sent in from listeners.


Aside from being avid true crime enthusiasts, Kilgariff is a stand-up comedian and television writer and Hardstark is a writer and host for the Cooking Channel.

"Crime Junkie" — This weekly true-crime podcast launched in 2017 and is dedicated to giving you an investigative fix. Two women from Indianapolis, Ind., talk about any crime involving missing or murdered people, serial killers and more.

Listen along every Monday, as host Ashley Flowers and her co-host Brit Prawat talk about whatever crime they have been obsessing over, and they do it in a manner that sounds like you’re sitting around talking about a crime with your friends. Straightforward storytelling that is free of rabbit holes, so the cases stay suspenseful and easy to follow.

"The Lady Vanishes" — In 1997 a beloved mother, teacher and friend boarded a plane for an overseas adventure and has never been seen again. Marion Barter, the former wife of Australian soccer great Johnny Warren, has been missing ever since and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are strange. But her daughter, Sally Leydon, has never given up the hope of finding her.


Listen along as Leydon joins Alison Sandy and the 7News team in Australia to investigate what happened to Barter.

Also, be sure to check out Dakota Spotlight's interview with the executive producer of "The Lady Vanishes."

"Dakota Spotlight" — "Dakota Spotlight" is a true-crime podcast produced in the state of North Dakota by James Wolner.

With a lens sharply focused on investigative journalism, story-telling and a search for understanding, "Dakota Spotlight" was created as an alternative to other "tabloid-like" true crime projects and podcasts available elsewhere.

Listen along as Wolner investigates "Real Stories from the True North."


" The Vault" — Join Forum Communications Company as we delve into the news vault for a fresh look at the cold cases, crime and mysteries of our communities.

Listen along as reporters throughout Forum Communications conduct interviews and discuss cases they are researching.

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