Santa and Mrs. Claus share magic of Christmas

Santa and Mrs. Claus are busy getting ready for Christmas in December but Santa took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about the magic of the season.

Wide-eyed and a little shy, Maddie Caudillo, 3, of Park Rapids sat on Santa's lap at Bella Caffe but wouldn't tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Photos by Lorie Skarpness/Enterprise.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are busy getting ready for Christmas in December but Santa took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about the magic of the season.

1. What is the most important thing for children to know about Christmas?

"Christmas is not all about gifts and presents. These things fade and go away, but relationships are forever. It's a time for giving, a time for sharing and a time for family. Even though our lives may not be perfect, we can still find joy and happiness in each other and the season. Believe!"

2. What makes Christmas magic?

"Christmas magic lives within each one of us. It's there all year 'round, but we often don't notice it until Christmas comes around. It's the smallest gesture or the kindest word. Just recently, a kind woman waited for several hours just to give Mrs. Claus a Christmas bracelet that she had made. That was a very special moment for Mrs. Claus."


3. What are some of the most special wishes children have shared with you?

"The most special requests have come from children whose parents are away in the military and only ask to see their father or mother for Christmas. The other requests that are most special to us are the ones that children ask for others. One such request was from a young girl who just asked for her mother to feel better. Another asked for her father to be cancer free."

4. How do you spread Christmas cheer?

"We enjoy spreading Christmas cheer by visiting children where we can sing songs, tell stories, and share our love for the season. One of our favorite ways to spread Christmas spirit is Christmas caroling."

5. How can children help share the Christmas spirit?

"Children can spread Christmas cheer through their good deeds and helping others. These are the magical gifts that we give to others. Such things as donating food, clothes or toys to people who are less fortunate. Also things like shoveling the snow from driveways without expecting anything in return, especially for the elderly or others who have difficulty doing these things for themselves. Making cookies for your neighbors is another good way to help spread Christmas spirit. Drawing or coloring pictures for (or better yet visiting) people in senior centers to name a few. Just a smile can brighten someone's holiday season."

6. What else do you want children to know about you and Mrs. Claus?

"Mrs. Claus would like the children to know that she loves peanut butter cookies and supervising the elves in the workshop. In the summer, she enjoys gardening. She also spends a good share of the summer months sewing our festive attire.


Santa Claus is also known as St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost and Kris Kringle. Santa spends much of his time taking care of the reindeer and ordering supplies for the elves building toys. Santa's favorite meal includes hot chocolate and waffles. Did you know that if you write a letter to Santa and address it to North Pole, the postal workers will get it to him?

When Christmas is over, Santa takes a short vacation with Mrs. Claus at the North Pole then he gets right back to work. He also starts getting toys ready for next Christmas.

Many children leave out milk and cookies or other treats for Santa on Christmas Eve because he gets hungry on his long journey of delivering presents but his reindeer get hungry too. So think about leaving out a few carrots for them as well. Santa and his reindeer are so grateful.

Children often ask us, 'Where are the reindeer?' All children should know that the reindeer only fly on Christmas Eve.

We often receive requests for puppies, kittens or cell phones. Although we love to give these kinds of gifts to children, they should be aware that we first need permission or a note on the tree from their parents before we can leave them."

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be at Bella Caffé on 3rd Street in Park Rapids from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Dec. 15 and Dec. 22.

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